American Vampire - Jennifer Armintrout
I had a little trouble with the tense as the novel started, some sentences seeming to have disagreements along those lines, but I either adjusted or they smoothed out as the book progressed. It starts out with what seem to be a rather dis-likeable alpha male meeting/saving/changing his mind about initially eating a similarly shrewish alpha female. Fortunately while there remains a level of antagonism throughout the whole story, the main characters become a less unbearable as the story progresses. There also is a blessed lack of controlling possessiveness often found in this genere.Interestingly, while Graf, the male protagonist, becomes more tolerable over the course of the book, the author does not overly humanize the monster that he is. The relationship between the two leads very roughly develops, it is not a magical attraction, but one more forged by survival and forced cooperation that grows into something more.