Mistress of Night and Dawn - Vina Jackson

Some pretty prose, but also some questionable word choices.


I'm not quite sure "As if aspirated by their wake, Ange felt obliged to follow them" quite makes sense.  Particularly when the closest definition to fit the feeling of being pulled along (instead of a puff of air) is "to draw in or remove by inhalation or suction, esp to suck (air or fluid) from a body cavity or to inhale (fluid) into the lungs after vomiting. (Dictionary.com)."  Particularly when we're talking about events in a ball/orgy.


Similarly, I'm not sure I'd consider "Like gladiators fighting, every single moment a poetic and minutely rehearsed concerto of thrust and defense, attack and surrender, acceptance and exacerbated desire" a well matched simile.  Fights to the death for the entertainment of others doesn't exactly bring to mind "poetic and minutely rehearsed concerto"


The book also can't seem to decide if it's just slightly abnormal reality or full fledged fantasy.